Signs of Asbestos Exposure and Learning about the Symptoms

Knowing the signs of asbestos can save your life, especially if you detect the symptoms as early as possible.

Some of the signs are quite general and basic but there are also specific signs that lead to specific types of mesothelioma.

Knowing the symptoms can give you clearer ideas of what to do with your condition.

Signs of Asbestos Exposure based on the Severity

Basic Facts of Asbestosis

Asbestos is a fine particle that can irritate the lining of body organs, especially the lungs because it is related to the respiratory system.

The problem with asbestos exposure may take years, even decades, to develop.

In the most common cases, it takes around 15 to 30 years for you to show the signs.

However, some people are super cautious when they start feeling that there is something wrong with them.

Some people who work in the environment exposed to dangerous materials and particles may suspect themselves of suffering from mesothelioma or lung cancer or asbestosis.

signs of asbestos

Aside from the suspicious signs of asbestos, they know that they are at risks of certain health issues. This happens when they have poor and unhealthy lifestyle.

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General and Basic Symptoms of Asbestosis

So, what are the most common signs of asbestos exposure, despite the fact that you may be suffering from asbestosis or mesothelioma?

If you start feeling difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath, which happens in a recurring and continuous pattern without unexplainable triggers, you should go to the doctor.

Have yourself checked right away if such a pattern is followed by drastic weight loss (and you arent even dieting), constant fatigue, and continuous loss of appetite.

If you also suffer from wheezing or another problem related to breathing difficult, be aware that you are possibly suffering from the asbestos exposure. 

signs of asbestos

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Different Stages of Asbestosis

When we are talking about cancerous developments, we are talking about stages.

If you dont pay attention to your own health, it is very easy to dismiss the signs of asbestos. Cancerous cells are generally related to mesothelioma.

If you are suffering from asbestosis, the symptoms would be a bit different. It is usually more direct and related to difficulty in breathing or breathing shortness.

It happens because the lungs are damaged and scarred, and those scars are responsible for the breathing problem.

For mesothelioma, the severity of the issue depends on the stage. In stage one, there wont be any noticeable symptoms, except for those who regularly check their condition.

It is also possible for the doctor to detect the cancerous cells through tests or routine X-ray.

In this stage, short chest pain or breath shortness is common. Be aware if you suffer from these conditions quite often.


In the further stage, the frequency of chest pain may increase, even extending to the upper abdomen or the shoulder area.

The further stage, worse of your condition will be because the cancerous cells may have been bigger, putting a pressure on the organs. Not to mention that they may have spread too.

If you suspect yourself from suffering from health issues from asbestos exposure, go have yourself checked.

Doctors can check your condition based on the possibility of signs of asbestos exposure.

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