Mesothelioma Treatment Options That Recommended For You

The treatment of mesothelioma might be not as complicated as people thought it is.

Medical experts recommend plenty of mesothelioma treatment options.

Before we go to the treatment, you might need to know what mesothelioma is.

As the name suggests, this health issue is attacking particular tissue of human body called as mesothelium.

This thin layer of tissue covers most of human inner organs. Some of organs covered by this layer are lungs, abdomen, heart, and many more.

mesothelioma treatment options

Unfortunately, there are known cure for this disease.

The bright news is that it can be medically treated. Here are some options of mesothelioma treatment.

List of Mesothelioma Treatment Options

#1. Mesothelioma Chemotherapy

One of the most popular mesothelioma treatment options recommended by many medical practitioners is chemotherapy.

As previously mentioned, it attacks particular thin tissue layer in human organ.

Therefore, it can be treated in the same way as cancer.

In chemotherapy, drugs are introduced to human body in order to prevent the development of the attacking cells, which is growing rapidly.

The drugs dose and type are chosen based on the severity of the damage on mesothelium tissue.

This treatment is often followed by series of surgery.

#2. Mesothelioma Radiation Therapy

Among any other mesothelioma treatment options, this radiation therapy works nicely on people suffering from this disease.

Radiation therapy works in the same method as chemotherapy. However, instead of using drugs, it uses radiation.

The radiation emitted to affected area is intended to shrink mesothelioma tumors.

Therefore, it will be able to be removed easily on surgery.

Radiation process can be implemented by using internal or external source.

This decision is influenced by the location of damaged mesothelium tissue.

#3. Mesothelioma Surgery

From the previous methods, we know that surgery is highly required as the treatment follow up.

That being said, surgery can also be done when the mesothelioma tumor remains in the early stage.

The objective of this surgery is to remove the entire tumor.

In most cases, the surgery removes more than that. It also removes lymph nodes, mesothelial lining, and few others.

Before the surgery, the surgeon often injected particular drugs or radiated the affected area. It is depending on the location of the tumor itself.

mesothelioma treatment options

Those are some mesothelioma treatment options recommended by medical experts.

During the explanation about each option, we talk about cancer and tumor. What it has to do with the disease? Damaged cells on mesothelium tissue might develop into further stage to cancer and tumor.

In order to decide which medical treatment that you need, it is important to run complete mesothelioma diagnosis.

The result of this diagnose will reveal the development of damaged mesothelium tissue.


Other than the severity level of this condition, the health experts often consider where the damage mesothelium tissue takes place.

In most cases, you might need to consider two mesothelioma treatment options.

As explained on the list above, some treatments can be followed with surgery.

Alternatively, you can do surgery to remove damaged mesothelioma tissue in the first place before doing any treatments.

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