What are Mesothelioma Risk Factors?

What raises the potential of somebody to develop mesothelioma can be found in a few factors.

Exposure to asbestos is what comes first in mesothelioma risk factors. Being exposed to this dangerous substance poses a threat to having the illness.

Even though smoking is not directly becoming the contributory reason, it still significantly raises the chances of the development.

mesothelioma causes

The Main Mesothelioma Risk Factors

#1. Asbestos Exposure

Being exposed asbestos becomes the primary explanation linked to mesothelioma risk factors.

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Magnesium-silicate is the mineral fiber that is the compounding substance inside of asbestos.

The usage of this substance is applied by outworkers and engineers for a very long time.

The reason of the usage is because asbestos have low conductivity to heat which makes it resistant to fire and melting.

However, the usage was largely reduced now because medical researchers have made out more causative relations asbestos exposure and mesothelioma.

Before this finding, a lot of people have been really exposed to this dangerous material. 

#2. Exposure Location

By a large amount, the most part of exposures happened at industrialized work places. The asbestos material seriously polluted job sites like power plants and processing plants.

A lot of workers experienced a continual and lasting high amount of exposure during their working times.

This ongoing exposure surely becomes the main reason of why they are like to develop this lung cancer.

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#3. Secondhand Asbestos Exposures

Although not as frequently, outside of the places of work can also be the places where people might have exposed to asbestos.

Products that have been contaminated by this dangerous material could have become the explanation.

When workers are going home from jobs, their skins or clothes may carry the substance.

Even though the level of exposure is relatively low, contacting to it for quite a long time can be the reason to pleural mesothelioma.

In a lot of instances, common surroundings can be where patients come upon the substance.

mesothelioma risk factors

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#4. Relations to Smoking

The mesothelioma risk factors are not always connected to smoking.

On the other hand, there is a higher possibility that smoker who have exposed to the material to develop mesothelioma.

Researchers have discovered that people who smoke and being exposed to asbestos get 50-90% higher chance.

Some mesothelioma risk factors may make this illness develop quicker after prolonged exposure.

The lungs are weakened just by smoking alone and smokers are at risk to developing lung cancer.

mesothelioma risk factors

However, genetic factors could also increase the chances as well. Medical researchers are working out to comprehend the genetics and linked biological practice that play another part in pleural mesothelioma development.


This aspect in genetic could help give explanation to the reason of some would show the development after exposure while others would not.

The interval of being exposed to asbestos can also be considered as one of mesothelioma risk factors.

As stated above that yet the level of exposure to the material is low, it could still threaten.

Based on previous report, we couldn’t find testimony on the threshold quantity. That being said, the level of the material may contact the person is considered plausible.

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