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starving cancer cells

Starving Cancer Cells Of Sugar : Does It Work?

Previous studies have shown that cancer cells divide rapidly requires a higher level of sugar than healthy cells. Therefore, to starving cancer cells, cancer patients limit their intake of sugar. Sugar Addiction is what...

how to remove asbestos

How to Remove Asbestos from Your Personal Property

You are probably wondering about the proper way of how to remove asbestos in case you find it in your house. But asbestos doesn’t always require removal, if you know the basic facts. That’s...

asbestos in lungs

Asbestos in Lungs: Everything You Need to Know!

Asbestos in lungs is a chronic disease described by damaging the lungs. This condition leads to long-term breathing problem. It is caused by the exposure to asbestos, but it’s usually not diagnosed until few...

mesothelioma treatment

Mesothelioma Treatment that May Recommended by A Doctor

There are several steps of mesothelioma treatment that may be recommended by a doctor. The selected treatment plan will depend on the condition of the disease, the stage of the cancer, and the general...

mesothelioma treatment options

Mesothelioma Treatment Options That Recommended For You

The treatment of mesothelioma might be not as complicated as people thought it is. Medical experts recommend plenty of mesothelioma treatment options. Before we go to the treatment, you might need to know what...