Asbestos Exposure Symptoms and the Increased Awareness of the Condition

There are some common asbestos exposure symptoms that you should be aware with if you suspect yourself from being exposed to the material.

Asbestos isn’t always dangerous or harmful. This is why it has been used and included in construction materials for years.

But then again, there are always risks and side effects that are related to the prolonged exposure of the material and you pay a detailed attention to the signs.

asbestos exposure symptoms

Asbestos Exposure Symptoms and the Common Side Effects

#1. The Natural Characteristics

Although asbestos sounds like a dangerous term, it is actually a mineral fiber that is found in soil and rocks.

The reasons why they are included in the construction materials are because of their flexibility and several positive traits. 

For a starter, they are resistant to electricity, chemicals, and heat. Besides being used in construction industry, asbestos is also used in textiles and auto parts.

You should easily find asbestos in shingles, floor vinyl tiles, attics or walls insulations, car brakes, and hot water pipe blankets.

asbestos exposure symptoms

The problem with asbestos is the fact that it is easily breakable. Once they become tiny particles, it would be difficult to see them. And because of their tiny particles, they can (and most likely build) inside the lungs or other body organs, leading to health issues.

That’s why you should be well aware of the possibility of asbestos exposure symptoms.

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#2. The Common Risks and Different Signs

One of the most common risks is the possible chances for you to suffer from asbestosis, mesothelioma, or lung cancer.

Most people think that they are all the same but the similarity they share is only the exposure to asbestos; nothing else.

Mesothelioma and lung cancer are almost the same. They are referring to the condition where cancerous cells are growing inside the body organs.

The difference is that the cancerous cells develop within the lungs in lung cancer. In mesothelioma, they grow inside the lining of the lungs.

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So, they are quite different although the asbestos exposure symptoms may be the same.

In asbestosis, there is scarring happening to the lungs. Also known as the interstitial pneumonitis or pulmonary fibrosis, the scarring itself will restrict the breathing. It also restricts the oxygen flow within the bloodstream.

#3. The Symptoms

There are some common signs and asbestos exposure symptoms that you should be aware of.

If you suffer from chest tightness, continuous dry cough, shortness of breath, appetite loss, chest pain, unexplainable drastic weight loss, and enlarged fingertips, you should be aware of the condition.

asbestos exposure symptoms


Although these signs aren’t always related to mesothelioma or lung cancer or asbestosis, it doesn’t hurt to have yourself checked for confirmation.

These asbestos risks usually develop within a long period, ranging from 10 years to 40 years. Your doctor will want to know your health history and perform detailed medical examinations, just to be sure. 

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Whenever you feel the symptoms and you suspect yourself from having a serious condition, it is always better to have yourself checked.

Once you have been checked and examined, you can get the confirmation about asbestos exposure symptoms.

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